Library Management System Project in Java | source code Library project

library management system project in java source code

The Library management system project in java is Free to Download Project. Free library System Project have java as Front End and MS access is Back End. By this open source library project You can manage your database library with user interface. No need to have knowledge for making library project in Java. library management system project is best with full features are included in this projects.

Just download and Make it has your Final year project or mini project. It is designed in such a way that you can use this for your final year project also. The database Library project is maintain library Related all details. this application is multi-threaded. Means user can do many task Simultaneously.

Project categories:

Desktop Management Application Software.

Modules Library management system project in java:

User Module:

In this module student will check availability of the manage book in library system. student just want to search book from Library system name in the search box.

Book Return :

Here student can return their books to the library. you have just click on return and type information of book and student id to submit result.

Administrator Module:

This is the most module within Library management system project in java. The administrator will browse and write info regarding any member. The administrator may update, produce and delete the record of membership as per demand and implementation plans.

Register student:

permit the administrator to register new student and update the coed records. to make available facility of library system.

Book details:

permit administrator to entered book details like book id, book name, book author, edition and more. Just download Library management system project in java.

Book issue:

Here administrator problems the books having code from library.

Requirement of Library Management System Project:

Software Requirement

  • Operating System : Linux, Unix, Mac, Windows and Other
  • Programing Platform : JAVA jdk1.4 or above
  • Database : No Database needed
  • Software like: applet viewer in java

Hardware Requirement

  • CPU : Pentium or Above
  • RAM Usage : 500kb – 1 MB
  • Disk Space : 1/2 MB


Download Library management system project in java