Program to Print Prime Numbers in Java

Prime number java means the number has divisible by 1 and itself. Writing a Prime number program in java is very easy. In the following program of java prime number we taken as a user defined input. For calculating the prime numbers in java we required a math function. Prime number program in java is

Find Armstrong Number in Java Program

Armstrong number in java means three digits having their cubes with their addition is equal to the number. In the following code there are five variables are used for the storing the elements. Armstrong number java is unique and we have to find out in easy way. The Armstrong number java contains the logic of

Program of Java Reverse String in Java

As we know string reverse in java means read string from last character to first. Reverse of a string in java is used for the reverse the string which is entered by the user. String reverse in java is used to reverse a string in simple manner. Java program to reverse a string contains a

Simple Java Applets Example

An applet is a special code of Java programs. Java applets is very easy way to draw graphics related diagrams. In java applets drawing string, drawing rectangle, drawing oval, drawing fill rectangle, drawing fill oval, add buttons, add panels, add labels, add list etc. are easy to handle in java applet programs. Below java applet

Bubble Sort Java Program With Example

In java program for bubble sort there is checking of all numbers user entered. After that we use an array to store. Java bubble sort is the simplest way to sort the numbers in ascending order. Bubble sort java code is simple to understand. Bubble sort program in java is same as that of sorting