How To Find Reverse Number In Java

Reverse the number means we can change the order of number. Reverse number in java is very easy to implement. Reverse of the number in java having two variables for storing it. With the help of Reverse number in java we can reverse the number. In the following code we take an user defined input. And

Palindrome Program In Java with Examples

The concept of palindrome means read the string or a number from forward and backward is same. Palindrome examples are very easy to implement. In Palindrome program in java we first calculate the length of the string or number. Then for loop the checks the length and check the character by character. Java palindrome is

Java Type Casting ( Type Conversion ) Program

Java Conversion is also called as type casting i.e. converting one data type into another data type.If two types are compatible with each other then java automatically perform the Typecasting .In this example we are doing explicit type casting e.g. we are converting long to double, int to long, byte to double, float to double

Program of Exception Handling in Java Example

In java a mistake is might be lead to an error. An Exception is a unique condition that is caused by a runtime error in the program. Error is nothing but exception. And this problem is handled through exception handling in java example. There are different types of java exception handling. ArithmaticException, NullPointerException, RuntimeException, IOException

UserDefined Exception in Java

This java exception is also called as custom exception.Its very easy to implements. In the below java exception program we are checking age of person in between 60 to 100. If age is greater then 60 then that person get pension otherwise its invalid age of person. In this exception handling program try block used to handle the