Best Cheap Web Hosting India 2015

Every one of want to start website or blog and we know that hosting for your own website is not affordable and reliable for new. One question is always in mind who start their own website and start self-hosting site. So Today in this post we discuss same. More time new user can do mistake i.e. then directly buy plans without analysis.



I have mentioned some of hosting companies for cheap web hosting India. That help you to start you own website or blog. I have my own 18 blog site hosted on cheap website hosting India. Near about 7-8 blog sites are hosted on

What Cheap Hosting Actually Means?

Cheap web hosting means we want web hosting service at low cost. It’s doesn’t mean we are agree with quality or service provide by hosting providers. We want low cost affordable web hosting. Sometime what happen you buy web hosting at very low price but we are not get benefit from this because of more down times and slow speed. Before you start you need to check all those issues. I have shared my experience about and I personally recommend that is best for you. Let talk why and also other providers are listed below.

Best Cheap hosting India I Recommend

I have maintained here cheap web hosting in India. and other Hosting Provider below with their plans cost.

Why should i select as my website and hosting Provider? When searching Cheapest and Affordable web hosting services in Google. I pass though many hosting providers, but not found cheap hosting india service provider. Some of sites are providing at very low cost but service provided by them is not so good. I have using from past 4 years. I have 18 WordPress blogs on shared hosting, 2 static Website, 3 managed VPS Servers.

Cheap web hosting plans

Details Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4
Domain Host 1 1 3 Unlimited
Disk Space 500 MB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth 5 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email 50 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Account 50 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Plans Yearly Cost
Cost Yearly Rs 360 Rs 1500 Rs 1900 Rs 2400
HostGator Plans Yearly Cost
Cost Yearly XX Rs 2880 XX Rs 4800
GoDaddy Plans Yearly Cost
Cost Yearly Rs 1500 Rs 2868 XX Rs 4800
BigRock Plans Yearly Cost
Cost Yearly Rs 720 Rs 2640 Rs 3120 Rs 4300


HostGator, BigRock and GoDaddy cost High for each plan because then spend lot of money on advertising. Ultimately cost of plan increases, which result unaffordable cost that user is not able to pay.

So, thank you for reading cheap web hosting India 2015 post. It’s better starting for you by choose appropriate provider best web hosting for your site. If you have already hosting account then think about this post. Please comment below your opinions.

I have 18 WordPress blogs on shared hosting, 2 static Website, 3 managed VPS Servers. If this information is useful, don’t forget to share. if you have any problem with start your website and cheap hosting details required my opinions please comments below.