Pharmacy Management System Project

Pharmacy management system project in PHP is a web based application which is used to manage all records of items, customer’s and supplier’s, managers and employees. Here MySQL is used to manipulate all the records. We will provide Pharmacy management system project in vb also. This project is automated so that it reduce manual work

casino number guessing game in c++

Description: This C++ program on CASINO GAME is simple text base number guessing game. This project spatiality is we use in procedure oriented approach to design casino number guessing game. With this guessing game player can deposit his money to play. From this amount he can bet on number between 1 and 10. If he

Face Recognition System Project

Face Recognition System Project known as Automatic Face Recognition (AFR), is a particularly attractive for biometric approach, since it focuses on the same identifier that humans use primarily to distinguish one person from another. Face recognition attendance system project source code is a smart way of marking attendance which is a many more secure and

Railway Reservation System Project PHP, VB, C++, Java

Railway reservation system project in php is basically developed for manage the reservation and cancellation of railway ticket. In our country the railway network is so large and it is difficult to handle it manually. So Online train ticket reservation system project documentation is make as computerized. By making system is computerized it make possible

Image Steganography Project Java Source Code

Image Steganography Project is nothing but the computerized software which is used encrypt and decrypt the message during network communication. Now a days, Image Steganography Project is very important for security purpose. Because this software encrypt the message in any type of image file. That means, hiding the data in image file and it decrypt the image file