Free LMS Platform for WordPress 2023 (For Teachers & Business)

free lms for wordpress

Numerous LMS platforms are available, each with a unique set of features and components that can occasionally make them less suitable for smaller educational institutions. So it is important to do some research and ask the correct questions to determine which LMS features you actually need.

The accounts that your learners have are crucial, and this may cover many parts of account management including access to the accounts, the login information they use, how the personal information is saved, etc. DomainRacer LMS will definitely be an all-in-one solution.

You may select the best LMS development platform based on the size of your business and the features you require. When It comes to free we usually say that “free is never really free”. Free LMS has some limitations like features, adding users, etc.

As we said earlier “free is never really free” so looking that things in mind as free has always some limitations. It can be time-consuming and time is money in every way. So better to go for paid in your budget-friendly LMS companies.

Exploring Top LMS –

1. DomainRacer LMS

domainracer free lms for teachers/business

When you choose DomainRacer LMS hosting you get more benefits than any other. Better than going for free LMS it can be budget friendly with great features. It is in demand nowadays that made a good impact on many businesses.

They offer web hosting + LMS software which ain’t provided by any other LMS providers. They also offer free LMS for small businesses. Their video series makes it easy for you to understand how to create free LMS courses.

Features –

  • LMS Software – They offer software that can be used from mobile devices.
  • Free SEO Default Tool – It’s been used to rank your website on Google with SEO aspects.
  • Video Series – They offer you video series which contains full training and setup of creating and selling courses.
  • SSL Certificate – For the secured encrypted connection the LMS ensures an SSL certificate.
  • LiteSpeed Technology – It decreases the page loading time and increases the speed of your website.

2. LearnDash

learndash free lms for schools

LearnDash is a platform for developing courses. The software has tools for planning, advertising, and selling courses as well as capabilities for creating websites, reporting, and analytical work.

Many organizations trust LearnDash because of its usefulness, affordable price, and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Features –

  • Award the Scorers – When the students who score on the top of quizzes can be rewarded and expressed.
  • Easy to Modify – Can be easily modified with their colors, displays, or classes with this feature.
  • Several Themes to Use – Able to use themes, the ready-made templates of different demands.
  • A report in Detail – Getting Detailed Reporting looking at the performance of students.

3. Teachable

teachable free lms for schools

A learning management system (LMS) created for the cloud, teachable is intended to increase company effectiveness and offer a superior user and administrative experience. Users can modify the teachable software to meet their unique educational demands because of its strength and adaptability.

Features –

  • Avoid Disruption – With the help of e-signature features, it doesn’t make any interruption while learning.
  • Get Guidance on Each Step – Working with professionals you can get expert advice on the basics of selling your courses and marketing.
  • Tools to Market – You get amazing marketing tools to market your website once it’s done.

4. LearnWorld

learnworld free lms for corporate training

It’s another top LMS platform which is been used to create the courses and sell them to necessary people. Finding the marketing strategy is easy with LearnWorld.

Features –

  • No Coding Required – Without coding, the pop-ups can be created and displayed on the screen while the classes go on. With the help of pop-ups, communication is been possible for queries or inquiries.
  • Live Sessions – With the help of Zoom the live session are scheduled for better understanding and queries.
  • Express Your Business – With Learnworld you can perfectly express your business. Can build up the website in the way you want.

5. Talent LMS

talent lms free lms courses

It’s the platform to build a successful LMS website for your business. With the help of an experienced team, it’s easy to build a website that makes an impact on learners who choose it.

Features –

  • Setting Reminders for Training – The students can set the reminders themselves for the live sessions to be scheduled.
  • Proper Management – Making the proper groups of students so that they can get the idea of what they needed. The rules for the students about course completion and the tasks.
  • Automation Wherever Required – Sending automatic emails, setting an expiration time for courses, and many such things.

Choosing Paid LMS Over Free LMS –

When anything is free it comes with some disadvantages or some limitations. Better to pay something in your budget and get better results and save time.

  • Free has always some limitations, such as free access but only for a certain number of users. Additionally, this is typically a very small number. Consider 5 to 10 students. When you’re trying to host training for a business, this is extraordinarily low.
  • Paid LMS provides a secure website that comes with better quality.
  • Paid LMS has 24*7 support the way DomainRacer LMS provides.
  • Free LMS doesn’t come with support always when you really need the help.
  • Paid LMS has features for which you need to pay in free LMS.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is Free LMS?

A free LMS, or learning management system, is computer software that is used to manage, produce, and deliver educational content. A learning management system makes it simple for businesses to organize, share, and edit staff training materials. And a free LMS enables firms to do all of this without incurring expenses or disclosing credit card information. DomainRacer LMS offers you all the features at affordable pricing.

Q2. When is it appropriate to select a free LMS platform?

As we have discussed and we do say nothing is free and that’s true because there is some drawback to free. There are always some restrictions that come with free. When it’s to LMS the features are necessary for large websites that need to go with Paid.

If you want to try something and have a very low user requirement till 5 then you can go for free LMS. If your business has high requirements you should think of it in detail. Going for something just because it’s free on this platform is not a good task.

Q3. What are the top free LMS providers?

There are a few top LMS platforms that are trending in the market now and some also offer free LMS for WordPress.

  1. DomainRacer LMS
  2. LearnDash
  3. Teachable
  4. LearnWorld
  5. Talent LMS

Q4. What features should a learning management system have?

Features as

  • SSL certificate
  • Live classes
  • Tools, and automation.
  • Creating Quizzes
  • Completion Certificates.

Security is more important when it’s to LMS. Latest technologies like Litespeed, with all its features, should be affordable.

Some important features are necessary for your website that LMS providers should contain. When you go for free LMS there are limitations to it and most of it’s not that secure. Better than going for free LMS should go for an affordable LMS platform.


It is never worth going for free when it’s about the safety of your information or your user’s information. Paid LMS has better security and the LMS website contains sensitive information. So looking for all the terms and your requirement you should make your decision to go for free LMS.

Looking at the security and limitations of free LMS. Going with DomainRacer LMS would be better from my view. Just a suggestion which offers a budget-friendly package. Looking into all the companies’ security should be a priority as features they provide.