IMAGE STEGANOGRAPHY Project Java Source Code – 2022

Image Steganography is nothing but a form of obfuscation that is somewhat similar to cryptography. That help to hide or encrypt peach of written information behind the image. Here the fact is image will not be impacted but when we use our decode mechanism, the written code by the encoder can be visible. So here

119+ Best Free BCA Final Year Project Topics 2022

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1000+ Projects in JAVA, PHP, VB, ASP Projects 2022 [Working]

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Pharmacy Management System Project

Pharmacy management system project in PHP is a web based application which is used to manage all records of items, customer’s and supplier’s, managers and employees. Here MySQL is used to manipulate all the records. We will provide Pharmacy management system project in vb also. This project is automated so that it reduce manual work

casino number guessing game in c++

Description: This C++ program on CASINO GAME is simple text base number guessing game. This project spatiality is we use in procedure oriented approach to design casino number guessing game. With this guessing game player can deposit his money to play. From this amount he can bet on number between 1 and 10. If he