Canteen Management System Project C++

canteen management system project

 Canteen management system project is able to provide very fast service to their customers by using their records which have saved previously in database. And new records are added when new customer are visited to canteen shop.

Canteen management system project in c++  is used to uniquely identify customers by their customer’s id. By using customer id we can enter data in database in binary format. And also provide smart card to customers and each card will have unique id which can easily identify customer for making bill.

In Canteen management system project we can also maintain the payment record which is not cleared date. In this application we provided the entire item list with their cost. And specific time. In canteen management system documentationcustomer also check their account, which service they have taken and for what service they have to pay the bill and how much bill have to pay. By using database we can access the customer information in any time.


Software requirements for canteen management system project in c++

  • MS windows OS
  • C++ or turbo c

Hardware requirements for canteen management System Project

  • Processor: quad core processor.
  • RAM: 512MB

Canteen management system project free download is available on the provided link. In this application we provide menu bar and if customers enter or press yes option then they can enter no of quantity for each item. And the end bill is generate we get report about bill.

Canteen management system projectis developed in object oriented programming language and this project also available on download link so you can download this project and also you can use this project as your final year project. No need to pay any price to download project you need only to share this post for help us to connect with your all friends. Our main aim is to provide free project to IT field Students.

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canteen management system project in c++

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