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Expenses Management system project

Expense Manager helps you quickly and easily budget your money and track your expenses. Expense Manager only takes a few minutes.  You can sit down, enter your expenses, check your status with clear, easy-to-read reports and be done in just a few minutes. Expense Manager is easy to use and it also helps you manage your money better.


Expense Manager project helps you see where your money is going and shows you ways to reduce your expenses and start saving more. Many people feel their finances are out of control.  Knowing where your money goes helps you better control your finances.  You can plan and save for large expenses, pay off debts, save for retirement.

With Expense Manager you will:

  • Control your money.
  • Reduce your spending.
  • Avoid bounced checks and fees.
  • Save more money.
  • Make informed financial decisions

The expense manager acts as your own personal digital wallet controller. The manager distributes your expenses date wise, so the user can find out the days on which his expenses are more than expected. The software tool also manages the expenses topic wise, so the user can find out major expensive areas where he wastes income.


The software will provide great graphical user interface and the expenses can be viewed in the form of graphs. The graphs would exhibit expenses according to food, clothing, fuel, traveling and so on. The software will help the user to control and optimize all expenses. The digital wallet expense manager can be used by all the members of the family. The software provides the feature to save and load user profiles.

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Expense Manager Project