Online Doctor Appointment System | JSP Source code

The Online Doctor Appointment system is Online Web based Appointment system by which patients and doctors can servicing there client. We need to just request to Online Doctor appointment system website. This Appointment System has feature to allow client for taken appointment of doctor from there place. Now no need to go Hospital and Wait for doctor to servicing you. Instead of doing all manually and wasting time just you this Project.

How To Take Traditionally Doctor Appointment ?

We need to go first Hospital then Take a receipt and then wait for the doctor to become free to service patients. This process very time consuming process. and also no guaranty that doctor is appointing your patients. Also you have no choice to change the doctor or hospital. In Sort Traditionally it’s waste of efforts. to recover this we trying to implement this Doctor appointment system.

How Online Doctor Appointment System Work ?

This project comprises of many modules.

  • Doctor Module
  • Patient Module
  • Search Module

Doctors Module:

This module consists of

  • Doctor Registration
  • Doctor Modification
  • Insert Any Working Hospital.
  • Delete Any Working Hospital.
  • Appointments

Patients Module:

This module consists of

  • Patients Registration.
  • Patients Modification.
  • Appointments.

Search Module:

  • By City
  • By Street
  • By State
  • By Country

The Idea of this Online Doctor Appointment system is to make patient easier to get service of doctor. also nearest best hospital to get patient service to solve there problem. The Base of this project is home based service decision and fast client service providing system building. download this doctor appointment system in java. with system documentation.

Requirement of Online Doctor Appointment system

This Online doctor appointment system is developed in JSP Language. It is Platform independent system. The basic requirement to build or to run this project is how in bellow list.

  • JSP Language
  • Apache Tomcat Server to run Jsp project
  • Own Domain or Local Server.
  • Database MySQL
  • Hardware requirement :1gb RAM, 5 GB HDD.

Now Don’t Waste time and you this project as your final year project and make this project advanced and more powerful to with extra feature we also give documentation related to Doctor appointment System. Read this document carefully and make use of this project.

Download Online Doctor Appointment System in Jsp.