Online Voting System Project | Java Election Voting System

How Current Online Election Voting System Work ?

The Existing System of Election Voting System is running manually.
The Voter has to Visit to Booths to Vote a Candidate so there is wastage of Time.
The Election Voting System has to manually register into the Voter List. Also Vote counting has to be done manually.
All the Information of the Voter or Candidate is to be filling in manually.
Voter must be present in his/her Constituency to give his/her Vote.
There are Electronic Voting Machines used which Takes More Cost.

Online Voting System Project is projected with a physical diagram which specifics the actual storage parameters that are physically necessary for any database to be stored on to the disk. The online voting system project / Election Voting System Java Project systems existential idea is derived from this diagram.

The relation upon voting system in java is structure through conceptual ER-Diagram, which not only specifics the existential entities but also the standard relations through which the online voting system project exists and the cardinalities that are necessary for the system state to continue.

official website : election commision of india voting system

Why Voting System Project Needed ?

It was decided to Computerize the System in order to overcome the following problems:-

  1. To increase the Voting Percentage.
  2. To make Voter easy to Vote from anywhere.Time Wastage.
  3. To avoid thing like Booth Capturing.

Scope of the System

What are Scope of Online Voting System Project

  1. Voter can Vote from any where for his/her Constituency.
  2. Vote count will make easy and fast.
  3. No any Vote will be rejected.

Goals of Online Voting System Project | Election Voting System

Goals of the System are as Follows:

  1. It Maintains all The Information of all the Candidates and Votes.
  2. It checks Voter have Voted or Not.
  3. You can observe All Information Related to any Voting System Online.
  4. It Increase the Voting Percentage.
  5. Finally It makes Easy Voting by Avoiding problems like Security, Booth capturing.

The actual purpose of going for this system is to make the organizational process to get speed up.


Specifications Online Voting System Project

Required Hardware:

  • Pentium III Processor.
  • 128 MB RAM.
  • 10GB Hard Disk space.
  • Ethernet card with an Internet and Internet zone.

Required Software:

  • Windows 2000 XP, Windows 98 operating system.
  • Internet explorer 5.0 and Netscape navigator.
  • UML VP Suite.


Commendation of Online Election Voting System

The entire online Voting system project in Java has been developed and deployed as per the requirements Shown by user, it is found Any bug free as per the testing standards which are implementable. Any specification un-traced errors will be concentrated in the upcoming versions, which are planned to be developed in upcoming year. The Election voting system at present does not take care off the money payment methods, as the consolidated constructs need (secure socket Layour) SSL standards and cheap web hosting india are critically to be initiated in the first face; the application of the credit card transactions is applied as a developmental phase in the coming days. The Online Voting System Project or Election Voting System needs more elaborate technicality for its inception and evolution.

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