Event Management System Project

event management system project documentation

Event Management System project is developed as a web-based application developed in PHP programming language. It facilitates online registration cum feedback evaluation for different kinds of events such as games, a workshops, and the seminars. The project’s main objective is to control or manage the activities and duties to be performed by various event conductors such as attendees, organizers, event reviewers, and authors.

Online event management system project report being a web-based project, it is very simple, easy to use and flexible. The key features or functions of this projects are:

  • Registration of participating students
  • Scheduling meeting
  • Inviting participants via email
  • Canceling events
  • Collecting the feedback from students
  • Recording attendance details from faculty members
  • Generating various feedback report

The development of this online event management system project documentation is to address and eradicate to the problems of  the current event management procedure.

Software Specifications of Event Management System project  :

  • Technology     : PHP
  • Database         : MYSQL
  • OS                    : Windows XP
  • Browser          : Internet Explorer

Hardware Specifications of Event Management System project:

  • HDD                  : 512MB
  • RAM                  : 256MB
  • Micro Processor Pentium-p4
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

We will provide here the online event management system project in php free download and online event management system project documentation. It is free of cost. You doesn’t need to pay money for getting this project. You can use this project as of your final year project. We have provide here the overall knowledge or contents or the description of  about the project. Using this you will get all the idea about how to implement the given project using PHP or VB.

Event Management System Project in PHP Free Download

event management system project in php