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Restaurant Management System Project

Online restaurant management system project in php is computerized application. The main purpose of the restaurant management system project is to reach to large range of customers and to educate them about existing and new packages and discounts offered by restaurants. And another purpose is to allow customers to place order online using interactive menu

Event Management System Project

Event Management System project is developed as a web-based application developed in PHP programming language. It facilitates online registration cum feedback evaluation for different kinds of events such as games, a workshops, and the seminars. The project’s main objective is to control or manage the activities and duties to be performed by various event conductors such as attendees,

Online Real Estate Management System Project

online real estate management system project is software designed for new real estate consultants , who recently engaged in site distribution .They purchase the land recently and covert that into the site . To manage this whole process this software is developed. In the traditional system the staff carries out all the work to manually.

Crime Reporting Management System Project

The project  “Crime Reporting Management System Project “ is a web based application. This software provides facility for reporting to online the crimes, complaints, missing persons, show most wanted to the person details mailing as well as the chatting. Any Number of clients can connect to the server. Each user first makes their login to

Online Complaint Management System Project

Online complaint management system project is web based application which is developed in php and my sql that is database. This application is used to manage the complaints of user is online. No need to go I office for complaint. Just user have to login the system and create complaints. Complaint management system project in php