Latest Project Topics PHP Java VB– Project Ideas 2016

List of Project Topics of computer science and engineering student and Information Technology Student are given Below. Take One of them as your project topics and put in this project ideas of your. best project in 2016 are given below. I am here Posted some of popular project topics list of 2015.

Project topics are under following areas:

The Project List of 2016 are contain all top 2016 best project topics. which are came in following categories, so you can choose any project topics and implement your project ideas.

  • B.E/B.Tech Final Year Engineering Projects
  • project report free download based on IEEE topics in Java
  • Information Technology (I.T)
  • Instrumentation (IC) and Civil Engineering students with source code
  • android and embedded systems
  • Mini and Major Projects
  • Electronics and Communication (ECE)
  • Electrical and Electronics (EEE)
  • Project ideas and Topics for Computer Science (CSE)

In this Post, We are listing Mini and Major project topics list so you can put project ideas to make them advanced. Most of project contain hyperlink so you can download them from our site. those linked project ideas with source code are given with them. so you can take benefit of project topics. Those project topics are very important because that helps you in recruitment process in your carrier. Remember those best project topics of 2016 are just few of them. to get detail of those project you can go to Google and read patent and research paper. so you can utilize your project work in better manner and on right project. php project list or php project topics also include in below php projects list.

List of project topics and project ideas : Ad Release Management
Application Installer
airline reservation system project in vb
Analysis Project
Advanced instant Messenger & Message Broadcasting
airline reservation system project in asp net
Analyzing Network Traffic in order to Detect possible Intrusions by RED Algorithm
Agent-Based Testing for Web Application
Bluetooth based Mobile Phone Photo Browser
blood bank management system project
attendance management system project
Cargo Tracking System Design & implementation
Control System for the Maintenance of Computers
computerized library system project
Client FTP Frame
Computer Resource Management System (CRMS)
college management system project in java
Cloud Computing
Cross-Layer Optimization in TCP/IP networks
Content management systems (CMS)
college management system project in vb
Call Centre Management System
Data Mining
Data and Video Streaming System
Data Hiding in Audio Files with PBE Encryption
Denial of Service against the Domain Name System
Digital Image Processing Frequency Domain
Digital Image Processing Time Domain
Digital Rights Management (DRM) using SOAP
Distance Learning System Implementation
Distributed Database System for online Shopping & Store
Duplex Messaging for Enterprise Systems
Dynamic Server Replication System
eCareer & Consultancy Service Online
E-Mail & SMS Assistant Design & Implementation
Employee Training Tracking System
online examination system in php
eSearch – A Search Engine Design & Implementation
ER Schema Analyzer with Data Streaming
eTutor – Online Tutorial, revolutionizing the tutoring industry
Fire wall – Customized Firewall for internet security & inter-network traffic gateway
Financial Accounts – Integrated Financial Accounting Solutions
Fine Grained Layered Multicast using STAIR
Homogenous Network Control and Implementation
Hospital Management system
Grid information Retrieval System
Graphical Network Browser
Grid Computing
Human Resource Management Solutions (HRMS)
Image Processing
Image Compression and Decompression using Huffman™s
Image Rendering for Grid Technology
Image File compression & Transmission across the Network by MDA (Message Digest Algorithm)
Image Manipulation for Face Recognition
Information Forensics and Security
Instant Smart Messenger System
library management system project in java
university management system project in php
Social Networking Script like Facebook
Webcam Live Streaming | PHP Project
student information system project in java


Some project project list are given below: