File Uploader and Downloader

File Uploader and Downloader

In networks, File uploader and downloader refer to the two canonical directions (corresponding to sending and receive, respectively) those information may be move, and further defines such a data has being copied and compiled (indicated by the term “loading”) to create a completed file, after given period of time. Downloading has been distinguished from the related concept of Streaming, which indicates download data sequentially usable as it downloads, or “streams”, and that (typically) the data is not stored.

File Uploader and Downloader

File Uploader and Downloader project is a completely software based project built in java for uploading and downloading files from remote locations over the internet. The software model is as shown in the figure. The client machine has its own local database (usually a hard drive). The files from this drive can be uploaded to any internet space using this software. The project supports two way communications, so it is also possible to download a file from any remote location over the internet to the client machine.


Key Features of File Uploader & Downloader

  • Upload multiple time.
  • This application is used as base for data sharing.
  • used for managing cloud server.
  • both Desktop or Network Application.
  • Easy Way to collect and distribution of Data.
  • User Interface.

There are various application available on net for file uploading project and file downloading project. You need to download Those application like FileZilla, file Uploading, IDM ( Internet Download Manager ) are best examples.

In order to keep the uploading and downloading process secure, the software supports 64-bit RSA encryption. The uploading and downloading process is done using Apache commons Net Library. The uploading and downloading process is carried out using the FTP protocol.

Download File Uploader and Downloader

File Uploader & Downloader