Open Source Video Streaming | PHP Project

during this project “Open Source Video Streaming Php Mysql Project” the small print of a video sharing web site is provided. Through the video sharing method, users will transfer, share and additionally read the videos uploaded by others. Not solely this videos will be altered and uploaded on-line and has totally different modules.

Open source Video Streaming PhP Project

during this project the various modules that are provided ar directors, users, net registration and search.The many options that are provided by php live video streaming in php project winrar that the users will read the videos. but the users don’t have authority to delete the records of the web site. php video streaming authority vests solely with the administrator. it’s additionally a secure and simple to use method. Also, in recent days, there has been lots of demand for videos.


within the open source Video streaming Php Mysql project, if any user on transfer any videos, he will do therefore by registering himself within the registration link. the whole system delineate here is completely processed that negates all the drawbacks of the previous system. within the style method, a blue print is provided for implementing , maintenance and testing is provided.

when the software package is enforced then it’s terribly essential to check the software package. It’s essentially an effort to grasp if the software package is best. The software package testing includes totally different sorts of testing. they’re system testing, unit testing, integration testing, acceptance testing, white box testing and recorder testing. Once the testing is dead, the results ar compared with the expected results.


This open source video streaming php project has many blessings. Managing the degree of the php video streaming project is pretty simple so is storing the videos. it’s simple to take care of up so far data and is cheaper to take care of. Also, manual pursuit isn’t needed.

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