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Pharmacy Management System Project

Pharmacy management system project in PHP is a web based application which is used to manage all records of items, customer’s and supplier’s, managers and employees. Here MySQL is used to manipulate all the records. We will provide Pharmacy management system project in vb also. This project is automated so that it reduce manual work

Railway Reservation System Project PHP, VB, C++, Java

Railway reservation system project in php is basically developed for manage the reservation and cancellation of railway ticket. In our country the railway network is so large and it is difficult to handle it manually. So Online train ticket reservation system project documentation is make as computerized. By making system is computerized it make possible

Clinic Management System Project PHP VB

When the patient will visit on clinic, they will ask to provide their name, address, sex, age and type or problems for registrstion. As Clinic Management System Project will have built in feature that will assign the doctor by taking to their type of problem as of their input. After entering these fields, user will have

Billing System Project PHP VB

Billing system project in vb is an application to process the ordering and to billing of a “Departmental store”. This computer based application is designed considering the chain of  the departmental store which is located in various the cities of particular state. This application also administrates its users and customers. E billing system project in

Apartment Management System Project VB PHP

Apartment Management System Project is computer software and which is developed in as well as in php programming language. The or php is used as front end and SQL server is backend that is database. The main purpose of apartment management system project in php is to construct company which manages the apartment