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IMAGE STEGANOGRAPHY Project Java Source Code – 2022

Image Steganography is nothing but a form of obfuscation that is somewhat similar to cryptography. That help to hide or encrypt peach of written information behind the image. Here the fact is image will not be impacted but when we use our decode mechanism, the written code by the encoder can be visible. So here

Railway Reservation System Project PHP, VB, C++, Java

Railway reservation system project in php is basically developed for manage the reservation and cancellation of railway ticket. In our country the railway network is so large and it is difficult to handle it manually. So Online train ticket reservation system project documentation is make as computerized. By making system is computerized it make possible

Student Result Management System Project

Result management system project as a multi-user computer software, used to maintain the information about student result, this student result management system project is developed in php and java programming language. The main aim of this project is to store the result scores of student and process the scores in user-defined way and produce their

Online course registration system project PHP, VB.Net, Java

Online course registration system project is a web-based program proper used to make easier and more convenient the class registration process, through which students go every semester. Each student must fill out a course registration form manually, bring it to the Registrar’s Office and stand in line and finally have the form officially approved and

Student Management System JAVA, PHP, VB

Student Management System is system that is useful for college student additionally because the faculty authorities. Within the current system all the activities square measure done manually. It’s terribly time overwhelming and expensive. Our Student Management System deals with the varied activities associated with the scholars. Module of Student Management System User module Student Module