Text Editor in java with Source Code

text editor in java source code

A text editor in java is a kind of project utilized for altering plain text records. The project is based on Text Editor. This project is composed in java so we named it as Text Editor in Java. how to make a text editor in java?

text editor program in java : – As specified over, the text editor is a sort of system utilized for altering plain text records. A plain text record is spoken to and altered by demonstrating every one of the characters as they are available in the document. The main characters usable for ‘imprint up’ are the control characters of the utilized character set; by and by this is newline, tab and structure encourage. The most normally utilized character set is ASCII, particularly as of late, as plain text records are all the more regularly being utilized for programming and design, and less much of the time for documentation (e.g. point by point guidelines, client guides) than previously.

Elements of Text Editor in Java

Our text editor gives essential elements of an editor.

  • Record operation – File opening, sparing, shutting and altering, with new document creation.
  • Cut, duplicate, and glue – most text editors give strategies to copy and move text inside of the record, or between documents.
  • String seeking ­-hunt string with by writing it in pursuit string.
  • Numerous textual style hues The editor gives 4 distinctive textual style hues to make a text more intuitive and appealing.
  • Textual styles the editor gives all text styles that can be utilized to make a text additionally engaging.
  • Dock – the editor gives an extremely intuitive graphical client interface in which there is a dock. The dock comprise those choices which are in incessant utilization for e.g. new, open, spare, cut, duplicate, glue and so on.


Text Editor in Java is made utilizing Java Swings and AWT. In this project every one of the casings are outlined in Swing. Today most software engineers utilization Swing. Swing is a situated of classes that gives more capable and adaptable GUI segments than does

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