Bus Reservation System Project

online bus reservation system project

online bus reservation system project would end the utilization of the powerful 1.5-kg ticket racks conveyed by conductors. It would likewise end the act of detaching tickets and stamping toll stages. The Conductor would simply need to key in the insights about the passage stage and bus ticket reservation system project machine would print out the ticket. The online bus ticket reservation system project abstract weighs just 800 grams and is helpful to convey.

The parameters are verging on like that of a railroad ticket, the main distinction being that the machine is compact. The machine can print out 2,300 tickets, incorporating the adventure report with a specific end goal to encourage examination by the company’s checking assessors. The ticket machines would help avoid misfortune because of negligence. It would likewise help in giving sufficient information to the partnership, especially as to the boarding of travelers from charge stages and essential focuses.

Specification required for bus ticket system project

  • Clock speed : 500 MHZ
  • RAM : 256MB of RAM
  • System bus : 32 bits
  • HDD : 40 GB or higher

online bus ticket reservation system project synopsis would help the enterprise get ready and sort out its calendars all the more effectively on the premise of movement interest. Moreover, Online booking system project would give information on concessions given to different segments. Another extra element is that the information in the ticket machine could be bolstered into the PC. All the more over the stops of the company would be completely mechanized so we need to include some different modules in our space for terminal’s confirmation. [ bus management system project documentaion ]

This online bus management system project has:

  • Management of Route
  • Outing Details
  • Bus Ticketing
  • Bus Details
  • Bus Stops

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