Student Management System JAVA, PHP, VB

Student Management System is system that is useful for college student additionally because the faculty authorities. Within the current system all the activities square measure done manually. It’s terribly time overwhelming and expensive. Our Student Management System deals with the varied activities associated with the scholars.

Module of Student Management System

  • User module
  • Student Module
  • Mark management

In the computer code we are able to register as a user and user has of 2 varieties, student and administrator. Administrator has the facility to feature new user and may edit and delete a user. A student will register as user and may add edit and delete his profile with student information system. The administrator will add edit and delete marks for the scholar. All the users will see the marks. Library Management System Project in Java.

 Specification of Student Management System


  • Processor             :       Pentium III 630MHz
  • RAM                     :        128 MB
  • magnetic disk             :        20GB
  • Monitor               :        15” Color monitor
  • Key Board            :        122 Keys



  •  software system        : Windows National Trust, Windows 98, Windows XP.
  • Language                      : Java two Runtime surroundings
  • Database (backend) : MS Access2007.



INPUT Design

Input style is that the method of changing user-oriented input to a laptop based mostly format. Input style could be a a part of overall system style, which needs terribly careful attention .Often the gathering of input file is that the most costly a part of the system. the most objectives of the input style square measure …

  • manufacture price effective technique of input
  • win highest doable level of accuracy
  • make sure that the input is appropriate to and understood by the employees.


 Input Data

The goal of planning input file is to form entry simple, logical and free from errors as doable. The coming into information entry operators got to recognize the allotted area for every field; field sequence and that should match thereupon within the supply document. The typeat within which the information fields square measure entered ought to tend within the input form .Here information entry is online; it makes use of processor that accepts commands and information from the operator through a key board. The input needed is analyzed by the processor. it’s then accepted or rejected. Input stages embrace the subsequent processes

  • Data Recording
  • Data Transcription
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Verification
  • Data management
  • file upload and download
  • Data Correction

One of the aims of the system analyst should be to pick out information capture technique and devices, that cut back the amount of stages therefore on cut back each the changes of errors and therefore the price .Input varieties, is characterised as.

  • External
  • Internal
  • Operational
  • Computerized
  • Interactive

Input files will exist in document type before being input to the pc. Input style is quite advanced since it involves procedures for capturing information additionally as inputting it to the pc.


Outputs from laptop systems square measure needed primarily to speak the results of process to users. they’re conjointly wont to give a permanent copy of those result for latter consultation .Computer output is that the most vital and direct supply of knowledge to the users. planning laptop output ought to proceed in Associate in Nursing organized well through out the style. the correct output should be obtainable for the folks that realize the system simple o use. The outputs are outlined throughout the logical style stage. If not, they must outlined at the start of the output planning terms of forms of output connect, format, response etc,


Various forms of outputs square measure

  • External outputs
  • Internal outputs
  • Operational outputs
  • Interactive outputs
  • Turn around outputs

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