Control of Robotic Arm Using PC


Robots are designed to help humans. Robots are of particular importance as they aid or replace humans in difficult possibly dangerous extravehicular activities. However, robot intelligence and autonomy are still limited. For that, robots need to become supervised in order to accomplish complex tasks in diverse environments.


The main focus of Control of Robotic Arm Using PC project is on control & monitoring of a robotic arm. A mechanical model of a robotic arm with three or more axis movements will be interfaced and will be operated using a PC and Micro-controller board. Several modes of operation are implemented to give the operator a higher degree of control over the arm.


Aim Control of Robotic Arm Using PC


  • ¬†Build a mechanical model of a robotic arm with at least three axis movements.
  • To build a micro-controlled circuit board to interface the robotic arm motors.
  • To design a GUI (Graphical User Interface) based software to control the robotic arm.
  • To interface the PC with hardware via either micro-controller board or parallel port.
  • To provide features in software to program the robot for a complex set of sequence in advance and store it for later execution.
  • To provide video display and save features in software.
  • To maintain log of all the activities along with time stamp in a file for later analysis.
  • User must be able to control the robot in real time using keyboard to specify the axis, direction, etc. or he must be able to save a series of movements into a file and schedule it for execution at some later time.
  • The software must graphically display the current position of robotic arm.


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Control of Robotic Arm Using PC