Face Recognition System Project

face recognition program

Face Recognition System Project known as Automatic Face Recognition (AFR), is a particularly attractive for biometric approach, since it focuses on the same identifier that humans use primarily to distinguish one person from another.

Face recognition attendance system project source code is a smart way of marking attendance which is a many more secure and time efficient as compared to already existing attendance systems. In our work we propose automatic attendance system using face recognition. This system automatically detects the students when he enters in class room and marks of  the attendance by recognizing his face.

Face detection project not only detects the face, but also locates the very important facial features, such as eyes and mouth. These features are crucial to the performance of the facial recognition. A facial recognition system is a computer software capable to identify or verify a person from a digital frame or a video frame from a source. One of the ways to do this is by comparing selected faces from the image.

Hardware requirements for  Face Recognition System Project:

  1. Video capture device requires 320 x 420 resolution to and at least 3-5 frames/sec.
  2. More frames/sec leads to better performance.
  3. For slightly greater distances to there is strong correlation between camera quality and system capabilities.
  4. Video card and processor speed are key components.
  5. Face recognition system works well with standard off the shelf pc.

Software requirements of Face Recognition System Project:

  • operating system: windows/linux
  • language:java/vb.net/php
  • Back end:MYSQL
  • JDK:1.5 or above.

We have provide Face recognition attendance system project source code. For downloading this you need not to pay any money. It is a free of cost. You can use this project as your final year project