Institute Management System Project | ASP.Net Project

Institute Management System in is an project having back end SQL server. In institute management system software enroll all kinds of branches which are available in institute. also can take to enter faculty members detailed information related to each and every branch, detailed information like personal information, salary details of staff members, leave details, etc. Administrator of institute management system project in has sufficient right to enter student information system, fee structure, course details and other information. Actually institute information system project two types of users admin are their and sub user categories available. In this categories varieties sub categories stored to maintain information.


Categories of Institute management system project

Online Web application

For Brief Info and implementation process, or some basic idea of institute management system you can watch this project video to get more detail info of institute management system project in source code.


Project on institute management system Requirement

  • Font End Application: ASP.Net
  • Back End Software: SQL Database
  • System Requirement: Windows, linux, Mac X
  • Hardware: Ram 256 MB, HDD 50 MB

Future scope if you want to attach outgoing mail server to this institute management system documentation then you can download this project also and embed to add new feature in it. if you not download this project. you can refer youtube to know who to download project from google doc.

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