Online Shopping Project in ASP.NET

The aim of this system is on the online shopping it is developed using the, html, java, css, jsp etc. This online shopping project in application is very useful where the customer can directly interact with the website this website will unload to customer as well as owner.In the development of the online shopping project in with source code the following modules are taken under consideration. this is the small scale of project online shopping system project. The basic idea is that customer’s can buy products using online shopping project in
Reliability and the performance of the project report on online shopping

Reliability: The system is available during online time only

Performance: The performance depends on hardware specification

Software requirements for the online shopping project in with source code

  • studio 2008)
  • Browser
  • my sql

Hardware requirement for online shopping project in with source code

  • quad core processer
  • 512 mb RAM

The administrator can enter the name and password and generate the report and can perform operations like add , search, delete the products in the database in the online shopping project in asp net documentation. Common users can browse the site…get the items …put in the shopping cart and when they have finished shopping check out and finalize the sale. online shopping project report The Current shopping System is critical to set up online shops, customers to browse through the shops, and a system administrator to approve and reject requests for new shops and maintain lists of shop categories. project report on online shopping .The security and authentication module contains about access privileges to customers and employees for various operations. online shopping project documentation The security is very important for online transactions to done correctly without being hacked.

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