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online examination project in

The online examination system project in is project developed for conducting from various places. This online exam project in is fully automated web based online project. With this exam management system you can manage or conduct exam which may be objective type like fill in the blacks, option type and other. The Basic aim of online examination project in is to reduce time require to take exam in traditional way and also reduce paper wastage from taking in traditional way.

Need of online examination system project in

reduce the effort require to take exam, maintain redundancy, time limit, accurate result, also create transparency. Based on result we can take serve of student who is best and what they need to do for best ?exam management system is online examination project. Develop for easier the work of examiner so, he/she can give more importance to teach instead of wasting time on checking paper based exam examination system project in


online examination system documentation

With this project we provide you project report on online examination system so you can better understand project. the project on online examination system contain some module which are logically divided into different part. for online examination system documentation is also important part. basic idea of project on online examination system, student can give the exam from there location means online educational training centers.

system requirement of exam management system project

software requirement of online examination project

  • operating system: windows or other
  • Server: Windows Server 2013, local windows system
  • Memory: Near about 20 MB

hardware requirement of exam management system project

  • RAM : 50 MB
  • Processor: Intel, and other

online examination project that we build is basically called online examination system project in html. because for every online application html language is basic. we need not to compile and platform independent. if you have to really develop online examination system project in html with GUI ( graphical User Interface ) good. you need to use css and javascript for better view of project.


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