Patient Management System Project PHP

patient management system project php

patient management system project information related to the patients it also update field in the table. This project include information such as the sex, name, address and mobile number and necessary information for the convenient system. This project also include the appointment details like date of the appointment, doctor to this particular appointment assigned and so on.

php patient management system can be used  by only team members and the administrator of this hospital management system project. This database can be used by  team members to search there data. They can update and add the patient details. This database is accessible only that user, who have installed this software in there system. This software is also accessible only to the one user at a time.

patient management system in php add  details along with automatically generated registration number of the newly admitted patients to the our database. This system search  the existing patient details for a given registration id . This system also keep the track of vacant and occupied beds in the general wards and ICU. php patient management systemis user friendly and self  explanatory. This system is available to the user 24 hrs .This system provide 100% access reliability.

Software requirements for patient management system project in php:

  • Front end: PHP
  • SQL Server 2008/2010
  • Operating system: windows/linux.

Hardware requirements for patient management system project in php::

  • Processor intel
  • RAM:4GB
  • Hard disk:500GB

patient management system in php include functions like registration, patient check out, report generation, front desk staff etc. It also include patient module, inpatient modules, outpatient modules, lab module and the billing module that automatically generates the bill to customers according to the given information in the system

Patient management system project documentation. Using these documentation you will clear idea about the system and you can implement it easily. You  can use this project as you final year project or mini project. It is a free of cost. There is no need to pay money to download this project.

DOWNLOAD: Patient management system project

patient management system project in php