Social Networking Script like Facebook

This is a Social Networking project and also the style of this Social Networking Script like Facebook. This script has utility that connects folks with friends, User Wall, transfer a limitless range of photos, post links and videos, making events, produce teams, Chat with friends and post articles, Send and receive messages, etc. the look of the web site appears like facebook and it covers most options of facebook.
The BCA students developed this project. This code is developed victimization hypertext markup language, Ajax and PHP, Smarty model isn’t used. nearly altogether pages DIV tag accustomed style this project. Overall, if you would like to make like Facebook web site, you ought to do that new social networking script.

Category of Project

Online Social Networking ( Major Project ).

Description :

This is Social Networking Script like Facebook developed in php. Facebook has become world wide celebrated social network. victimization this software system, a user will chat with the net persons they need to. they’ll even opt for a video chat. initially they have to sign on providing all the main points and also the user is chosen their username and secret to log in. Any photos, standing may be uploaded.

Even the posts or photos may be liked , shared and might even discuss that exact pic or post.A new friend can be added by sending a friend request. other will friend request will also confirmed or rejected. Once the friend request is send and accepted, that friend will be added to the account friend list. user can log-out to leave this social network project.

This software is error free. Anyone can use this software . you will download this Social Networking Script like Facebook software by clicking below. So use software and get more benefit’s . If have any doubts then post your doubts below.

You have to Enter your email in email address to subscribe to Social website and receive notifications on your own email id.


options of this social networking script PHP

  • Used Ajax Technology.
  • Secure login and registration page.
  • straightforward WALL post options with video and image transfer.
  • produce teams.
  • produce Album and transfer a limiteless range of photos.
  • Mail : causation Messages and Compose messages, User Inbox.
  • Publish Videos.
  • making Events.
  • Post Advertisements.
  • several more…

Requirement of Project:

  • Server : PHP 5.0
  • HTML
  • AJAX
  • JQuery
  • Backend : MySQL Server

Please Note:
This Social Networking project code isn’t utterly not tested and developed. If found any errors send / write comment within the below box. free php script for social networking site


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