Quiz System Project IN VB

Introduction of Quiz system project

This project is developed in VB ( Visual Basic ) Basic idea of this project is create static Quiz system project in vb. The quiz system project is a multiple choice Quiz system project. which also contain lot of feature to their user.
The Objective for this project is multiple choice quiz system. which show the result of given objective type questions. at the start of this system, he will ask your name for identification of user. We also have various project related to vb if you want to download and use for your final year project. then you can download it form project-download.com at free of cost. like online email system , hospital Management system.

How to create quiz system project ?

To Make Quiz System project we have to know some basic of Visual Studio. in the following download link you can get Quiz System project in vb with source code. you have to just download it and run your work is done. the system is static one so you don’t need to worry above database connectivity. you have do it manually by writing code for creation of quiz.

quiz system project documentation

In this quiz system project we include vb code for quiz system , with Snapshot of the Project Different module used by this project for quiz system mini project, we also include available project to know you for your future. this document don’t contain sufficient information you required.

But you have internet connection you can Google it and get very easily.

  • Feature of Quiz System Project.
  • Advantage of Quiz System in VB.
  • Disadvantage of Static Quiz System
  • how to run quiz system developed in vb.
  • Limitation of quiz system.

along with you can create your own online examination system project.

Download quiz system project in vb