Billing System Project PHP VB

electronic billing system project php vb

Billing system project in vb is an application to process the ordering and to billing of a “Departmental store”. This computer based application is designed considering the chain of  the departmental store which is located in various the cities of particular state. This application also administrates its users and customers. E billing system project in php solves the existing system problems like modification of data, not user friendly,  lots of paperwork, manual operator generator, problems in sharing of data.

Objectives of billing management system project report are it add  and maintain records of the given projects, add and maintain the customer details, it add and maintains description of the new products, it also maintain new entered category of the products, it provide financial reports by weekly and early, it makes it also user friendly.

Software requirements for Billing system project in vb:

1.Front End:

  1. Language used: PHP.
  2. VB

2.Back end:

SQL Server 2005



Hardware requirements for Billing system project in php:

  1. Intel based processor
  2. RAM:4GB
  3. Hard disk:500GB

Electricity billing system project documentationit is a full featured software. It service the data through the well designated user friendly screen with the inbuilt online validation layer. Billing system project in php use databases to hold customer information; usage call detail records, rate tables, and the billing of a records that is ready to be invoiced. The key functional parts of a billing system include the creating an  usage records, event of  processing,  also bill calculation, customer care, payment processing, and bill rendering and management reporting. In addition to the basic billing system functions, billing systems to share the information with many other business functions such as sales, and a  marketing, customer care, finance and  the operations.

We have provide here the billing management system project report  and electricity billing system project documentation. It is free of cost. You doesn’t need to pay money for getting this project.You can use this project as your final year project. We have provide here the overall knowledge or contents or the descriptionof  about the project. Using this you will get all the idea about how to implement the given project using PHP or VB.

Download Electricity billing system project PHP VB