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School management system project in php .This project will handle the whole of  the activities of the school. SMS has most of the facilities that a modern school requires to computerize its day-to-day jobs. It provides the  facilities to keep up the records of student, fees, teaching and non-teaching staff with all their for  required details of along with all required transaction handling.

school management system in php is useful for computer science, bca, mca, mca students for developing this project as mini project. Main objective of this project is to be the develop a web based software application for schools and colleges for managing various types of students details and helping parents to analyze activities of students through online.

school management system documentation contain modules like login form , main form, student form, staff form, fee form etc. school management system project report has the main objectives like:

  • Make all the system computerize
  • Reduce time consumption
  • Reduce error scope
  • All system managements are automatically done
  • Centralized database management
  • Easy operations for operator of the system
  • No paper work requirements.

Software Specifications of school management system in php, vb:

  • Technology     : PHP, VB
  • Database         : MYSQL
  • OS                    : Windows XP
  • Browser          : Internet Explorer 7.0

Hardware Specifications of school management system in php:

  • HDD                  : 500GB
  • RAM                  : 4GB
  • Micro Processor Pentium 4
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

We will provide here the school management system project in vb with source code and school management system documentation. It is free of cost.You doesn’t need to pay money for getting this project. You can use this project as of your final year project for submission. We have aso provide here the knowledge or contents or the description of  about the project. Using this you will get all the idea about how to implement the given project using PHP .

Download VB & PHP Source Code of School System

school management system php

school management system project in vb