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clinic management system project documentation

When the patient will visit on clinic, they will ask to provide their name, address, sex, age and type or problems for registrstion. As Clinic Management System Project will have built in feature that will assign the doctor by taking to their type of problem as of their input. After entering these fields, user will have to provided with a registration slip to including their name, address, sex, age, name of doctor and also chamber number. Each of the registration form will have unique registration number id, arrival time of patient.

Clinic Management system project in vb is outlined to enhance the value of clinical forethought administration techniques methodologies of general professional and also the modest clinics.As this Clinic Management System Project in php will also handle in the medicine department. This Clinic Management System Project will keep track of each and every one medicine which is available in medicine store.

Dental Clinic Management System project report is a Dental Clinic Management software promotes easy available  data entry and the usage. It includes patient’s personal information, medical and dental historical data, treatment plans, patients education, case reports and statistics. This makes your dental practice more convenient, efficient and easy to use, thus provides a paperless office.

Software requirements for clinic management system php:

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/ PHP
  2. SQL Server 2008/2010
  3. Operating system:windows/linux

Hardware requirements for clinic management system php:

  1. Processor intel
  2. RAM:4GB
  3. Hard disk:500GB

Clinic management system project documentation will help students to understand basic requirements with step by step procedure to implement project. This documentation covers hardware and software requirement specifications, modules description, existing and proposed system details, project scope, project reference links, features covered in this project and more.

We have provide here Dental Clinic Management System project report and Clinic management system project documentation. Using these documentation you will clear idea about the system and you can implement it easily. You  can use this project as you final year project or mini project. It is a free of cost. There is no need to pay money to download this project.

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